TikTok Promotion in 2020

How to Buy TikTok Likes?

If you are reading this, you probably have just launched your own TikTok account. Getting first fans may be challenging, especially on such a competitive platform. The content you create should stand out, but sometimes great videos are left invisible and this is not necessarily your fault. A lot of new bloggers are struggling to acquire their first followers before they decide to get some help. You might be thinking, if you can buy TikTok likes to make your content noticeable. But is it a good idea in 2020?

Several questions can be creeping in your mind. Will TikTok block my account? Are they going to be likes from real people? Will these likes stay for a long time? Is it just a placebo to my problem?

Don’t worry, because these questions are natural. You don’t want to lose, what you have already achieved and you need a confirmation to make a wise decision. We hope this article will help you with it!

We will discuss your questions one-by-one, but let us tell you how actually TikTok works and why likes are so important for your account promotion.

TikTok Algorithms and the Role of Likes

There are several important features, that make accounts popular in TikTok. But the common thing about all of them is that they all represent the reactions of real people. We all know what likes, followers, comments and shares mean. So, like is one of these reactions, that means somebody appreciate what you’re creating.

TikTok measures the quality of content by how many likes the video has. TikTok cannot know, that your video is cool and worth seeing before it has already gained some amount of positive reactions from users. “This is not fair!” – the first though, that comes to anybody’s mind. But this is competitive and technological reality you should adjust to. 

The obvious thing to do in the beginning of your TikTok career is to consider to buy TikTok likes.  

Will TikTok Block My Account?

No. Buying TikTok likes is not forbidden by the platform, because this is the business medium. You are allowed to promote your account, and this includes paid promotion. A lot of businesses and bloggers use advertising to promote their account in different social media. So, why should they block you? TikTok has monetary benefits, too. That is why TikTok would not prevent you from promoting your account. Any platform realizes the importance of advertising, and TikTok is not an exception.  Don’t forget, that we are all making business. Paid advertising is the ordinary thing for both new and expert companies or bloggers, there is nothing wrong in using this technology.

Are They Real Likes or Just Fake Traffic Likes?

All the likes belong to real people. TikTok likes services don’t generate artificial accounts, because they would be easily blocked by TikTok. Instead, these services just find the right technology to deal with TikTok algorithms, so that your account is getting recommended much easier, than it is getting organically without any promotion. TikTok is able to detect any suspicious activity and fake users would attract its attention for sure. This is not allowed to send artificial traffic to TikTok content.

Will the Likes Stay for a Long Time?

Yes, they will. As long as this technology works with real users only, they will REALLY like your content. Besides, they can tell their friends about your videos and this chain will gradually create new engagement in your account. Well, your content should be attractive anyway, but buying likes will help your videos become visible. There are a lot of bloggers in TikTok, who already buy likes and they haven’t lost any of them. Besides, you will have a lot of free time to do what you love – to create!

If these answers have assured you, that buying TikTok likes is safe, then you must have generated a couple of extra question. 

Where Can I Buy TikTok Likes?

Some likes are available for free, but only a limited amount, which is not enough to become popular. To find a good company to buy likes, make sure you have researched everything about their payment methods and what information they ask from you. You shouldn’t provide any personal information or passwords, because only scammers ask for them.

Luckily, you can buy a good amount of likes for the reasonable price. Isn’t 50$ reasonable for 5000 likes? It is! Juts imagine, how many friends these 5000 people might have!

What are the Advantages of Buying TikTok Likes?

1. Immediate results. First of all, this is a rather quick way to get a fan base for the new account. But this is also effective for experienced TikTokers, because buying likes will extend the existing fan base. This is a common marketing strategy to use paid advertising channels, and businesses of all sizes and types use it every day. You must have seen a lot of paid ads of goods or services.

2. Scale. You can also target those people, who would never see your account under different circumstances. They could be people from all over the world! This is extremely hard to make your content trending in other regions without using extra help. And buying TikTok likes can solve this issue within days. 

3. Go on trends. You will crack TikTok algorithms to appear in trends. This is the secret weapon, which actually brings all the new reactions to your account. Your account will be recommended to thousands of people, which is the most valuable feature of this technology.

4.  Real fame. You will have the chance to become really famous. Any of your videos can go viral, if you are creative enough. When it happens to you, you will enjoy the natural viral spread of your content all around TikTok!

To Conclude
Now you have time to think over all these answers and make a decision. But don’t forget, that your safety is the vital thing. Don’t let anybody use your passwords or personal information. All the payments should be done via the platforms you trust. Providers should not promise you to deliver the results in a week or more, because it can be done much faster. If they offer you results in a week, this means they will never deliver them. But don’t worry, there are trusted providers with the confirmed expertise. Make the right decision and enjoy your fame!